It just took that one kiss between them at the units deployment party that made Jackson fall head over heels for Annabelle.   Well ok, it was a lot of heavy petting and kissing, but the point was it changed Jackson.  If they had been alone, they might have taken it all the way, but Jackson was also a bit of an old soul, and with Annabelle he wanted it to be special.  To Jackson, she was not just some one night stand, and it also wasn’t that she was his best friends little sister, it was a whole lot more, and he just hadn’t completely figured out what it was before he was injured in the ambush.


Navigating the cabin was a whole lot easier in the daytime than in the dark.  He had tried to find the fridge then he came in from the airport, but he had had no luck finding the light switch.  So it made no sense to him that a broken bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino lay on the floor. 


“Weird,” he thought maybe James left it on the counter when he brought the groceries in for him and didn’t realize he had knocked it down.  Jackson went to the closet near the fridge and grabbed the broom and dustpan, then he bent down to grab some of the larger pieces of glass and put them in the garbage. 



“Uh.” he thought “Still feels cold, weird but ok” Jackson continued to pick up the larger pieces then swept up the smaller pieces and finally finished mopping up the mess then started the coffee.  As the coffee maker worked its magic, Jackson headed over to the fireplace, filled it with the split firewood that sat nearby and lit it.  He stood back and watch as the flames gained in strength then found the huge leather chair which soon engulfed him, but it felt good to just relax, look at the snowfall and hear the sound of the fireplace crackle.


“Coffee, Shower then a hike hopefully before the snow hits too hard.”  He thought as the noise of the coffee maker buzzed and alerted him it was time to get up off his ass.  As he poured the coffee, he watched as the snow began to fall harder and with even bigger flakes.


“Might come quicker than I think. Might have to rethink the hike and do the hot tub and watch the football game.  The Nice thing about this place is I can do both at the same time.”  Jackson thought.  “I fucking love the Byrant’s - a damn TV that pops up out of the hot tub.  Must be fuckin’ nice to have money to burn.”

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