It's LIVE and Here's an Excerpt of TORN

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“Hey boss, I gotta run back, Top should be here pretty quick. Why don’t you hang out here?”

Tuck got out of the Gator and watched as Taylor spun it around and headed full speed back down a narrow path between the Aviation Center and the flight line. His attention turned for a moment to the row of Apache’s that sat just within walking distance and he made his way over to one. He hadn’t been this close to one in a very long time, and as he walked around the huge metal beast, he stretched out his hand and ran it over like he would touch a woman. Smoothing his hand, his eyes closed, over the skin of the copter, when he reached the cockpit, he couldn’t help himself as he opened it and sat down. Feeling the panels and the stick in his hand. Ya feel good girl, I did miss ya. Tuck exclaimed as he sat back into the seat and closed his eyes. The feel of being back in the seat felt good, it felt, really good but despite it all one thing nagged at him. He was going to have to face Riley eventually he just hoped it would be eventually.

“Get the Fuck out of my baby!” A voice behind Tuck screeched. “Who in the fuck are you and how the fuck did you get back here?”

Tuck immediately recognized the voice and he spun around to find Riley Andrews standing within inches. “I was just checking her out.”

“Well you need to leave before I call the MPs.” She screamed. Tuck paused for a moment and started to speak again but before he could say another word, she was pulling him by the sleeve attempting to drag him from the copter. It then occurred to Tuck that she didn’t recognized him. He stopped at looked her squared in the eyes, but she had no response except for the pure anger he saw growing inn her eyes.

“You need to leave!” She repeated as Tuck finally relented and crawled out of the pilots’ seat.

“Alright, I am just waiting on the Sergeant Major. Sergeant First Class Taylor brought me out here to meet with the Sergeant Major. I will just wait over here.” Tuck exited the copter and turned and walked away as quickly as he could. He wasn’t ready to face Riley yet. He had to get his mind right first.

“Fine. Good. Go now and don’t ever touch my rig again!”

“Fine by me.” Tuck replied “Frigid….”

“What was that?” She replied.

Damn does she have fuckin’ bat hearing or what

“Nothing. I’m going!”

“I didn’t think so!” She replied as she stood squarely against her rig.

Tuck looked back again, just a glance, but she was still as impressive as ever. He did admire her for that. She didn’t take any shit from anyone, but it still echoed in the back of his mind what Taylor had told him. It made no sense that someone like Riley could or would even put up with someone doing to her what was rumored to have happened. It sure didn’t seem like the same Riley he had just had a squabble with or the Riley from years ago. To him that Riley and this Riley hadn’t changed a bit. Still tough as nails a real BITCH if ya get on her bad side. Guess that’s where I am, at the moment. On Riley Andrews Bad side. Fuck not a good way to start a new job.

Get this book NOW for only 99c - the price goes up Sunday!