New Podcast coming Soon

I am making use of my bedrest by writing and designing covers for my releases for next year. I also redesigned my website. I would love to get your opinion. let me know what you think. I will be doing some other improvements on the site as well as my podcast will post and an exclusive members area. I have the chat already on the site. whoop whoop. I will post the podcast link on here. I have not posted a podcast yet as I am waiting for it to be available on podcast sites. 

Here’s the link be sure to watch for more announcements for the first Podcast and how to subscribe.... 

So I’ve been working this secret project since I’ve been sick. Besides writing lol. I started a podcast and I’m looking for victims. Message me if you are interested in getting silly I will have guest authors on the podcast so look for it coming to iTunes, Google, Spotify, TuneIn and several others. So if you have authors you would like to hear let me know and I will message them and ask..... 

Till next time 

Love Shannon 


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