Ella Uncovered the rest of the story.

If you read the Timeless Ever After Anthology and want to know what happens to Ella Uncovered this is the only way you will find out. Ella Uncovered (Tales of Happily Ever After Book 1) the rest of the story by Shannon Nemechek:

Ella Jameson is not a witch, no matter what people say about her behind her back. Granted, she does have the ability to disappear. Working for the CIA as an undercover operative, Ella takes on any identity needed to protect others. Prince Thomas Henry Phillips of Sweden can literally charm the pants off any woman he meets. It’s the reason the local tabloids have dubbed him Prince “Charming”. It seems he’s made quite a name for himself, not just in the bedroom, but by finding his life threatened right before the Presidential Ball. Ella is tasked with another undercover assignment, this time posing as the Princess of Sweden, to keep Prince Thomas safe at all costs. Deadly assassins aside, Ella cannot risk falling for the Prince’s legendary charms. She’s found herself on the hardest mission to date -staying out of Prince Charming’s bed.