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Shannon Nemechek is a USA Today Bestselling Author.

She is a multi-genre author who writes, Military, Contemporary, Historical Romance and is working on A Time-Travel Romance series.

She is a retired soldier having served 23 years in the US Army.

She now spends her time writing, enjoying her 3 grand-daughters and attempting to get her two adult sons out of her house. ha. ha. Her two daughters have flown the nest and have given her 3 grand-daughters.

Married 27 years her husband Ken, also a veteran, works for a National Cable Company. Free Cable...  lol.

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What readers are saying about The Traveler: Chimera Rebellion.... 


"This is a fantastic and unique story that will have you completely hooked from the start." ~ 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer 


" interesting read that keeps you on your toes wondering what is coming next". ~ 4 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


"It is a story that had me hooked from the beginning and I didn't want to put it down." ~ 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


"The story is a constant page-turner and you won't want to put it down until you have finished." ~ 5 Stars Booksister21 Blog


"This book deserves 5 stars and I believe it is a definite must read! This book made me feel every emotion at once, and I loved it. From curiosity to anger, defeat to hope, and everything in between!"~ 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


"...a time travel fantasy- with magic, mystery, witches, history, war, love, suspense, drama, action and adventure. This has the feel of "Outlander", but with a flavour all its own. I really enjoyed this first book and am looking forward to continuing with the rest of the series." ~ 4 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


"I got wrapped into the story every time I picked up the book, which wasn't too often as I found it hard to put down to begin with."" ~ 5 Stars The Cranky Curmudgeon Blog


"The best vacation you will take all year, without leaving your reading nook." ~ 5 Stars Goodreads Reviewer


"If you love Outlander, you will love this. I look forward to more from Shannon." ~ 4 Stars Goodreads Reviewer