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Rules of Engagement

Tanner and Britney are High school sweethearts torn apart by an angry and vengeful father.
Ten years have past and Tanner returns home for their high school reunion. Returning home as a hometown hero. After serving heroically in the Battle of Fallujah.
Britney thought her life was perfect. She’s has a fiance’ who is good to her and her son and the job she always dreamed of. 
But now Britney is running for her life and a ghost from her past is the only one who can save her and her son. Can she protect her heart and follow the Rules of engagement or will it be shredded to pieces?

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Riley Andrews is a feisty Apache pilot with a stalker, and he wanted me out of the picture. I’m Tuck Frazier, a retired Apache Pilot and one of Riley’s old flames, to be honest, we went out on a blind date before I deployed but we never well, you know.


One thing you gotta know about Apache Pilots, is we have one thing in common…. WE NEED EXCITEMENT. And this Woman has EXCITEMENT written all over her.  What I didn’t expect was A fight for SURVIVAL.


Now all I had to do was keep her alive long enough to show her how EXCITING I can be.



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