Warranted Pleasures




US Army Chief Warrant Officer 3, Raleigh Dwight Fitzgerald never thought he would find himself in the windy city of Chicago, but here he was.

Departing the plane after a two-hour flight of bumps, jumps and what felt like flip flops of the plane, he finally arrived and was ready to get to work. The faster I get to this company the faster I will get out of this city and back to Alabama, he thought to himself. Alabama was home, and where Raleigh worked. The general of the division had sent him to Chicago to investigate property loss at one of the division’s smaller companies.

It was his job to determine if the loss resulted from negligence by the former Supply Sergeant or a paperwork snafu. No one knew, but the amount of the loss was definitely something that needed investigating. Raleigh was the best at finding the truth and that was why the general had chosen him to investigate.

As Raleigh made his way through the crowds of people rustling throughout O’Hare Airport, he made his way to the baggage claim. He wondered where all these people came from, passing by a woman in the large straw hat dressed in what some might call a moo moo back home; but here in the big city, they would surprisingly call it a dress. He chuckled to himself at the sight of the large woman and whom he assumed was her husband being drug behind her.

Where is this damn baggage claim? He thought to himself. Stopping to gain his composure, he glances towards a woman with a sign clutched between both her hands with the words scribbled on the cardboard “Chief Warrant Officer Fitzgerald”.

He froze as he stared at the woman; her hair was blonde but not that platinum blonde you see all the starlets wearing, but a naturally highlighted blonde. It suited her, her hair pulled tight in a bun; her uniform pressed and the way the uniform hugged her body, he wished he was that uniform. She was beautiful and when she saw him she smiled, a smile Raleigh had never seen on a woman in his entire life. That smile of hers instantly made his heart skip, and caused a stirring in his pants he hadn’t felt for quite a long time. His Irish blood boiled with a desire, he could hardly contain it.

Down boy, he thought to himself. She’s a non commissioned officer, completely off limits. And according to the Army always would be, but damn she is the most spectacular creature he had ever seen. It was gonna be a long hard visit to the big city, he thought as he imagined slowly stripping that uniform off her, and visualizing it on the floor of his hotel room.

Raleigh snapped out of his trance when he heard, “Chief, Chief Fitzgerald! Hello, I am Sergeant Samantha O’Hara, we spoke on the phone last week. I am the new Supply Sergeant assigned to 1266th Transportation Company. Do you remember?”

Amazing, he thought to himself. This is the first time a sexy voice actually matched the real thing.

“Yes! Yes!” he blurted.

“Sergeant O’Hara, I remember. How is the inventory coming along?”

“Great, Chief. We completed the 100% inventory last week and I am working on crunching the numbers now.”

Her voice was like that of a songbird- sweet but with a little bit of an accent he couldn’t quite place. It sounded a bit southern, but with a bit of a city accent. He wondered how she ended up in Chicago, and not down south where women like her are appreciated.

“Point me toward baggage claim, will you Sergeant?” Samantha pointed down the long wide corridor, it looked like it stretched for miles but was about 200 yards away.

“Chief, do you have a rental car or will you need a ride to your hotel room? I was unsure of your plans, so I thought it best I meet you here at the airport, just in case you needed a ride.  I wouldn’t want you to have to get a taxi in this town. You would go broke before you got to the hotel. The taxi drivers around here have a way of overcharging visitors to the city.”

“No, Sergeant. Rented a car. Just gotta find my way to baggage claim, then retrieve the car.  I’m praying that the office isn’t far because I am dad gum tired after that flight,” he said.

“I don’t know who flew that plane, a pilot or a monkey, but I feel like I have been rode hard and put away wet.”

“And girl, I would love for you to ride me,” He mumbled.

“Chief, I will hang out over here till you get your bags. Then we can find the car rental office and pick up your car.”

Raleigh made his way towards the conveyor belt that had yet to spit out any bags from his flight. Raleigh stood there in front of the conveyor belt, watching as the belt circled around and around. His thoughts racing, he undressed Samantha with his eyes, wondering what that uniform hid he couldn’t quite see.

Samantha stood with the cardboard sign tucked under her arm when a shiver came over her. That feeling you get when you feel like you are being watched. Samantha looked up and scanned the baggage claim area for anyone that might be staring at her, or seemed just the bit more interested in the two soldiers than they should. When her eyes moved to Raleigh, his eyes almost seemed to undress her. Her heart pounded and raced at the thought, and heat began to take over her body.

Samantha hadn’t quite noticed how extremely handsome Chief was. He stood at least 6-foot-tall, muscular, tanned skin. She could tell how the uniform fit in all the right places. His eyes were a deep hazel, his hair a dark brown, but it was hard to tell with the high and tight haircut. She noticed he moved with a purpose, polite and respectful, even though she was his subordinate. She closed her eyes as she imagined him standing over her naked, and how she craved to have him inside her.

“Mmmmmm.” Moaning a deep, almost silent moan to herself, she stood there imagining what he would be like in bed; but she failed to notice he was now standing right in front of her.

“Oh wow, that must be some kinda fantasy you got going on in that pretty little head of yours, Sergeant.”

Samantha’s eye shot open and her cheeks reddened. “Oh no, Chief, nothing like that, “Just glad the day is almost over with; then I can go back to my apartment and relax.  Now that you’re here, we can get the investigation completed and move on to bigger and better things.”

Raleigh smirked and replied, “Uh huh, whatever helps you sleep at night, Sergeant.”

Laughing, he grabbed his bags and said, “Why don’t you show me where this car rental place is so I can get into my boxers and relax for the evening myself.”

Her cheeks burned and brighten even more as she tried to explain to Raleigh that it wasn’t what he thought, but Raleigh continued his barrage of teasing until they stood in front of the counter at the car rental office.

“I’ll just be a minute. Need to grab this car, then we get can get out of this place.”

Samantha stood back just a few feet away from Raleigh as he spoke with the blonde rental car agent. She could hear him as he turned on that southern charm, and complimented the younger woman on how cute she looked and how good she smelled. Samantha wondered to herself how many women had he used that charm on, and how he charmed them right into his bed.

With Raleigh’s good looks, great body, and that southern charm, she bet he got a lot of women and had a lot more chasing him.

Samantha vowed she would not be a notch on his bed post. She was not one to fall for charm too easily, she had been burned too many times in the past.  His type of charms had left her broke and brokenhearted. No, she thought to herself, she would not fall victim to his incredible body, his sparkling smile, his bedroom eyes or that southern charm.

She had to be on her toes with this one. Although, she was a Sergeant and he is a warrant officer and it was against Army regulations to have any relationship with him other than that of a professional nature.  She still thought about how much she would love to be “professional” with him. No, she thought, get those ideas out of your head. No man is worth your career, even if he has an ass you can break an ice block on and a smile that would melt the polar icecaps.

No, No, No. Her thoughts are broken when Raleigh called her over to the rental counter.

“Exactly how far is my hotel from the company?” Samantha pondered the question. “Chief, I would have to say about 7 miles.” Raleigh looked at the blonde rental car agent and said, “I will take the Dodge Ram since it is only a few miles.”

“Thank you, Sergeant O’Hara, I will just be a couple more minutes.” It wasn’t long and he was standing in front of her grinning like a cat that ate the canary.

“Are you ready to escort me to my truck? We can discuss a meeting time for the morning.”

The smell of freshly brewed coffee resonated in the air and it caught Raleigh’s attention as they walked passed an infuriating amount of people that all seemed to be going in varying directions.

“Sergeant, why don’t we stop here and relax a bit before we leave. I am mighty tired, and a cup of coffee might do me some good. Give me a little shot in the keyster, so to speak.”

Entering the dimly lit café, the two found a table in the back corner, so as to not disturb other patrons; and far enough away that whatever they discussed could not be overheard. The first thing she noticed is that he had beaten her to the table, and had pulled a chair out for her. Oh wow, she thought to herself, he is good.

“I have to say Chief, this is the first time I have ever had a man pull a chair out for me.” Raleigh scoffed at the proposition.  “No one?”

“Nope.” Samantha laughed. “Never.”

“Well,” Raleigh said.  “You haven’t met the right man. One who knows how a treat a woman.”

He perched the seat forward and Samantha settled into her seat. Raleigh sat right across from her, hoping for the better view of what seemed to him to be the most stunning smile he had ever seen on a woman. It was almost too much for him to bare. Every time he saw her smile, he wanted to take her in his arms and make love to her for hours. Make her feel like the only woman in the world; and to him right now and possibly forever, she was.

“And how should a woman be treated, Chief? I am curious to find out how you southern gentlemen treat a woman.” Samantha teased.

“Oh now, that is a southern gentleman’s secret. But once you been treated to that life, you ain’t gonna want to give it up.” Raleigh teased, and chuckled as Samantha cheeks reddened once again.

Raleigh already loved the way Samantha looked when she blushed. He wondered what she would look like with the blush of sex on her face and the shine of sweat on her forehead. A rush of sexual adrenaline poured into his groin. He could feel himself growing harder and the pressure against his uniform was getting almost beyond what he could stand.

“So how long will you be here, Chief?”

Samantha tried to switch gears. She could feel the sexual tension in the air. It was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“I would say till the job is done, but right now I am set for five days. If I need more time, I just have to let General Winfield know so he is prepared to work without Ole Chief.”

Just then Samantha noticed Raleigh had winked at the waitress who had just made her way to their table to take their orders.

“I’ll take a large coffee. Black please.” Raleigh ordered his coffee with a confidence she had yet to see in a man. The waitress looked to Samantha for her order.

“Nothing for me, ma’am.” Samantha withdrew a bit, almost embarrassed for saying it.

“I will just drink the water here on the table, thank you.”

The waitress walked away and onto the next table of patrons.

“Don’t like coffee, Sergeant?”

“Oh no, Chief, I like coffee just fine. It’s just, I don’t have any money on me.”

“How you like your coffee, Sergeant?” Samantha choked down the upset and embarrassment. “I drink it, however I can get it.  I will say if it has caffeine in it, I will drink it.  But really you don’t have to buy it, Chief.”  Raleigh laughed and grabbed the waitress’s arm as she passed him.

“Hey darling, can you get my Sergeant here a large vanilla cappuccino? I got a feeling she is a cappuccino kind of woman, what you think?” Pausing for a minute, Raleigh looked at the waitress’s name tag.

“Jessica, what you think there, little darling?” She smiled then giggled, “Oh yes, she looks like a cappuccino kind of woman.”

“I am a strawberry, chocolate, whipped cream kind of woman, but I like my coffee black.” Scribbling on her order pad she tears the page off and hands the it to Raleigh. Glancing at the paper, he grins, then winks at Jessica,

“Why thank you, Ma’am. I’ll keep this in a real safe place.” Then places the paper in his front Velcro pocket of his ACU jacket, pats it and says, “See that Jessica, right next to my heart.”

Oh, Samantha thought, he is good. Samantha watched as the waitress scampered away giggling and swaying her hips back and forth, similar to the way a cat moans and pops it rear end in the air when it’s in heat; it was sure to capture the attention of any man in the café. A few minutes later, she arrives back with two large cups in her hands, and a grin on her face that reminded Samantha of a hyena in heat. Samantha smiled inside herself, then turned her attention to Raleigh. She wondered what charms he would place on the young waitress before they made their way out of the café and onto the highway If they didn’t leave soon, they would be stuck in traffic for at least two hours.

“Chief, I hate to cut into your fun time, but we should head out soon. Otherwise, were going to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.” With a sigh, Raleigh agreed, picked up his bag, grabbed his coffee, and headed towards the exit of the café.

“Well come on, Sergeant, let’s get the hell out of here.”

“Right, Chief.” Samantha grabbed her cappuccino then chased after Raleigh, just barely catching him before he crossed the street to the parking garage. “So Chief, what time do you want to get started in the morning?”

Nodding he says, “How about 9 am. Is that too early for a city girl like you?”

“No, Chief. That is perfect, but just so you know I am not a city girl, by no stretch of the imagination. But that is a story for another day.”

“I’ll meet you at the company at 9 am sharp, Chief. Then we can find a place for you to set up shop.” Samantha extended her hand out to Raleigh, showing him the proper respect to that of a Chief Warrant Officer. Raleigh extended his hand to hers and the electricity between them was almost unbearable.

“I’ll see you in the morning then, Chief.”

Samantha could feel every fiber of her being was on fire. The heat between them both was like a fire she thought would burn inside her for eternity. Raleigh left with an empty, lonely feeling as he watched Samantha walk away. Before she got too far, Samantha turned to Raleigh.

“Just follow me, Chief. I’ll get you to your hotel.”

Arriving at the High Plaza Hotel, he pulled into the high arched carport and watched as Samantha drove past. Unrolling the window of her own truck, she waved and said,

“Have a great evening, Chief. If you need anything, just give me a buzz. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow.”

Raleigh laughed to himself thinking, Girl, I’ll give you a buzz. In that sweet, beautiful wet spot in your pants, I’ll give you a buzz….. and a whole lot more.

Raleigh grabbed his bags from his truck and walked into the hotel. The hotel ornately decorated similar to an old English castle, and he had hoped that his secretary had done what he told her and got him a California king size bed. Now the thought of having such a huge bed strongly appealed to him, as he thought of what Samantha would look like laying naked and wanting in that bed. The more he thought of her, the more he wanted her as his own. To possess her, for her to become his property.


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